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NetworkUtility URL Shortener

Make your long URLs more concise and shareable with the powerful URL Shortener of NetworkUtility.

NetworkUtility Pastebin

Share and store text snippets, code, or any other text-based information quickly and securely with the Pastebin service. It offers a lot of functionality, including previewing HTML code.


LinkHub revolutionizes how you manage and share multiple web resources by allowing you to consolidate up to 100 links into a single h.73.nu link. Create, edit, and share a hub of essential websites and resources effortlessly, enhancing both accessibility and organization.

NetworkUtility Mailto Link Generator

Mailto links are clickable hyperlinks that automatically open your email client with a pre-addressed and optionally pre-composed email, using the mailto: protocol. Ideal for seamless communication, this tool simplifies creating and customizing these links for contact forms, marketing, and more.

NetworkUtility vCard Generator

vCards, or Virtual Contact Files, are digital business cards that consolidate your professional contact details into a universally compatible .vcf file, making it easy to share and manage your information across various platforms. This tool allows you to create, customize, and securely distribute your vCard, complete with advanced features like QR code generation, access limitations, and optional password protection for enhanced networking efficiency.