Platform Statistics


I am excited to report that 438 shortlinks have been created through this platform, with 0 being generated today alone. These shortlinks have cumulatively received 19977 clicks. The total amount of data stored for these shortlinks is 220.55 KB.

Pastebin Entries

A noteworthy 576 Pastebin entries have been submitted, with 0 new entries today. These snippets have attracted a total of 9550 views. Combined, these entries occupy 5.7 MB of storage space!


LinkHub hosts 32 unique link collections, including 0 added today. These hubs have been visited a total of 1146 times and occupy 52.14 KB of storage space!

Mailto Link Generation

Users have generated a grand total of 686 mailto links, streamlining their email communication process.


So far, a total of 22 vCards have been created on this platform, 0 of them today alone. These vCards have had a total of 218 views and occupy 8.53 KB of storage space.

Page View Statistics

NetworkUtiliy's various pages have been receiving significant traffic. Here is the breakdown of page views:

  • Main Startpage: 30272
  • Short-URL Startpage: 9189
  • Pastebin Startpage: 5626
  • LinkHub Startpage: 2443
  • Mailto Startpage: 2377
  • vCard Startpage: 843

QR Code Generation

The QR-API has generated a total of 13029 QR codes, enhancing data sharing and accessibility.